After the Flood

The debris after the flood.

On Sunday 27th January 2013 the rain began to get heavier and reports of flooding began to come in. Residents awoke to rapidly rising water in the main street and surrounding areas.

Many businesses and homes were flooded with the highest flood levels ever recorded in the town. The church, the hall and offices all had water through them. The picture shows the debris that was washed up in the front of the office block, between the hall and church.

Many volunteers helped with the clean up. The church is appreciative of all who gave a hand in any way.

UPDATE: Since the floods the church buildings and grounds have gradually been restored or rebuilt. The Church Building, Church office block, Church Hall and kitchen, the Laidley Crisis Care & Accommodation building all have had work done to them. The Church Kitchen has been renovated and extra work done be adding stainless steel work benches. The fence has been replaced. The car park improved. The Church has had a paint job and also carpeted.